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Congratulations, Top Gear Reviewers of 2016

We're getting deep into 2017, but let's take a moment to look back and honor and thank Trailspace's top gear reviewers of 2016.

It's our members that make Trailspace the best outdoor gear community around. Every day they contribute honest reviews and share personal outdoor experiences to help fellow hikers, climbers, paddlers, skiers, and trail runners find the right backcountry gear for outdoor adventures.

Below are the folks most recognized last year by their fellow community members for sharing helpful, informative, real-world gear reviews, earning them the most reviewer reputation points in 2016.

Congratulations, everyone! As a thank-you for your greatly appreciated efforts and contributions, we're sending each of you a special edition Trailspace Top Reviewer of 2016 down beanie from Black Rock Gear. The Original, Black Rock's most popular hat, is packed with 950-fill goose down and weighs less than one ounce for more heat, less weight, and go-anywhere packability ($70 value).

Presenting 2016's Top 10 Reviewers:

John (LoneStranger)

Steve Mullen

Andy Gotto

Sean Van Cleve 

Jeffery Gosnell

Phil May (FlipNC)
North Carolina

Tyler (KiwiKlimber)

Sheila Bergin Goss


Robin (Bentbrook)
North Carolina

Jeff (FromSagetoSnow)


And the Rest of the Top 25 Honorees:


Congratulations to all of the top 25 gear reviewers of 2016!

And a huge thanks to each of you who shared a review on Trailspace last year. We're incredibly thankful to have each of you as part of our outdoor gear community. 


Top 2016 reviewers were based on the total number of reviewer reputation points earned as of December 31, 2016, for reviews written between January 1 and December 31, 2016.



Thats an awesome prize, thanks Trailspace! And congrats to the winners. 

Wow! I lost one of those a year or so back (stuffed in a side pocket during an off-trail scramble) and haven't replaced it yet... 

Thanks for the awesome prize!  Congrats to all - I feel honored to be in the company of these reviewers!

Thank you so much Trailspace!! I got it today. It's so soft and warm and comfy. 

What an awesome gift! Thanks again and Congrats to all the other Top 25!

Thanks so much Trailspace, what a great group of outdoor folks! Congrats to all, I look forward  to reading more informative reviews.

Thank you! I look forward to trying this out.  I've looked at getting one for a long time. 

Thanks Trailspace! Great prizes. Thanks for giving us a place to share our thoughts and help out the outdoor community!

My custom-made "top 25" down-filled Black Rock beanie arrived this morning. I say "custom-made" because (1) Dave sent a letter to each of us requesting head circumference, (2) the beanie was enclosed in a sealed plastic bag, by which I mean, completely hermetically sealed in a plastic bag that had to be cut open - no cheesy ziplock bag, and (3) a note on the bag addressed to me personally by "Rex" (hmmm... who is this "Rex" - HEY! THANKS, REX!

It is a perfect fit, and the elastic band guarantees I can use it in my sleeping bag inside a snow shelter or standing out in the wind with no fear of its coming off, leaving my increasingly hairless head exposed to the elements.

So my wife chastised me several years ago for spending $50 on one of these. NOW she acts like it belongs to her!

Thanks for ending the feud in our home! :P


I knew there was a hippie in you, Goose.

I'll bring my footbag next time we go backpacking!

Thanks Trailspace! I received my beanie last night and wore it on a pre-work hike this morning. It was so comfy I completely forgot I had it on...and my noggin stayed toasty warm! I am so grateful to be a part of this incredible community. Thanks again and congrats to the other top 25 reviewers!!!

Screw you Canada! I hate seeing everyone else enjoying their cool new prizes and then having to wait another two weeks to get mine.

Still waiting on mine too, Jake. I think Baltimore City is a 'lil bit like living in a third world country...

This is some seriously classy I need to find some cold weather to enjoy the two together! It's an honor to be a part of this community. Thank you indefinitely to Trailspace, all the reviewers, and the amazing staff.

The BlackRock is a seriously nice gift!

I already had one, I already know how nice they are.

Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for being such great reviewers and community members!

Trailspace would be a pretty dull, quiet place without all of you. We truly appreciate the time and energy you spend writing such helpful reviews, and reaching out to others to make this a positive place.

Enjoy the beanies!

Congrats guys, all of you!

Another big thank you for the hat! That truly is a quality gift, and it’s actually kind of perfect as a backpacker gift – it’s an indulgence to spend that kind of money on a hat so many serious backpackers wouldn’t get one for themselves, yet it’s something we definitely will appreciate and use for years. Thanks again!

Yep congrats to all. This was a tough list to crack this year; a lot of great reviews and good work.

pillowthread said:

I knew there was a hippie in you, Goose.

I'll bring my footbag next time we go backpacking!

 Sounds good!

Sah-weet! Arrived just as I was leaving for a quick trip to Dovrefjell, where it will be useful, but then I am going to Costa Rica, where it will not. Plus, my wife will probably take it away from me because she has thing for really warm hats.


I want winter to come back just so I can wear mine. 

Thanks TS!

I am so thankful for this Trailspace community, keep at it, everyone!


Great gift, thank you Trailspace! Here's to 2017!


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