Mountain Sprouts SS Base Tee

Mountain Sprouts is no longer in business, and the SS Base Tee has been discontinued. If you're looking for something new, check out the best base layer tops for 2020.

photo: Mountain Sprouts SS Base Tee base layer top
Backcountry Outlet says:
Protect your toddler from the sun with the Mountain Sprouts Base Short-Sleeve T-Shirt. Rated to UPF 50, the Base tee stops UV rays from burning tender shoulders. Plus, this synthetic shirt stretches so your active tot can move freely, and it feels silky on the skin. Mountain Sprouts made this breathable tee to wick sweat in order to keep your child dry and cool on hot days. Should you and your kid decide to play together in the pool, leave the shirt on-it works better than suntan lotion and dries quickly once you get out. As an added bonus, the Base T-Shirt resists stains.


Price Historic Range: $7.19-$22.39