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Recent Short/Skirt Reviews

Patagonia Edge Win Skirt

rated 5 of 5 stars Super comfortable men's or women's walking skirt. Great men's or women's walking skirt, especially nice for men. Wear skirt size XL, which weighs 192g (6.7 oz) and has a 44.5 cm (17.5 in) side seam. Am 6'2", 225 lbs., pants size 38" / 32". When resting on my hips where I normally wear my pants, skirt is about 7.5 cm (3 in) above my knee—just right for striding. The TENCEL fabric feels great. Material is super soft, moves well with motion, and hangs nicely. Been wearing the skirt during morning… Full review

Columbia Men's Silver Ridge Cargo Short

rated 5 of 5 stars Comfort, good fit, quick dry. Excellent product, I own two pairs! Nice belt included. Great quick dry for water or boating use. Full review

Zpacks Rain Kilt

rated 4.5 of 5 stars A Zpacks Rain Kilt is a great way to shave weight and still protect your lower half from getting drenched. It is a very simple, compact, ultralight garment with multi-use functions. Specifications: Regular Waist: 1.9 oz (54 g) / Fits up to 38" (97 cm) Large Waist: 2.1 oz (60 g) / Fits up to 50" (127 cm) Length: 27" (68 cm) Width when opened flat: 52" (132 cm) About rain skirts/wraps/kilts: This idea probably took hold when someone figured out that wearing a trash bag was far cheaper and more comfortable… Full review

Purple Rain Adventure Skirt

rated 5 of 5 stars The Purple Rain Adventure Skirt has become one of my all-time favorite pieces of clothing for its functionality, versatility, comfort, and durability. What sets it apart from all other hiking skirts are the functional cargo pockets and a stretchy yoga-style waist band. It is the kind of garment you can eat, sleep, bathe, swim and walk thousands of miles in, never once having needed to take it off. This versatility makes it an ideal candidate for long-distance hiking and other endurance activities. Full review

Running Kilts Running Kilt

rated 5 of 5 stars Lightweight, comfortable, freedom. I am a nature and wildlife photographer and am out in the mountains or desert at least once a week. I am in wilderness areas, national and state parks, nature preserves, etc. I enjoy the comfort and freedom of lightweight comfortable outdoor clothing. I have worn different types of running gear which are perfect for hiking, walking, driving. I wear running kilts on trails with hikers and tourists, using gas stations, stores, go to restaurants, etc. No one has noticed,… Full review

Patagonia Men's Strider Pro Short

rated 4.5 of 5 stars Nice running shorts with multiple pockets. When Patagonia first came out with the Strider Pro I was really excited as this was exactly what I was looking for in a running short for a long day in the mountains—that is until I saw the inseam—5", sorry that's just too short for my liking. It took a few years, but they now offer the Strider Pro in 7" inseam and I jumped. The shorts are very comfortable (multiple 20+ mile days with them); I was definitely a little iffy when I saw the liner—a long… Full review

Enlightened Equipment Rain Wrap

rated 5 of 5 stars This simple, kilt style, silnylon wrap is great for those who hate wearing rain pants because they need more ventilation. Light to carry and easy to put on, especially compared to rain pants, the wrap works best on open trails and paired with a jacket or short poncho. So often I find that getting raingear out and on before I'm soaked is a pipedream. Combined with the steamy interior I often opted to just get wet from the rain rather than bother unless it was really cold. I'd just hike faster to… Full review

prAna Stretch Zion Short

rated 3.5 of 5 stars Nice material, good length, lots of pockets, definitely has the stretching feature, which is the main selling point. Prana has a good name, and they somewhat live up to it with these. Construction is good, but they do have a lot of stitching.  The stretch fabric seems good quality.   They have 6 pockets, including 2 zippered side pickets on the same side which I find uncomfortable due to the rigid zippers which cannot be unzipped with one hand.   In addition they run large, so 28 means 30 waist,… Full review

Patagonia Happy Hike Skort

rated 5 of 5 stars Excellent hiking skirt for men and women. Lightweight, quick dry, and room to move. Pockets and drawstring are a big plus. Size XL. Weight 160g (5.6 oz) without boy short, 228g (8.0 oz) with boy short. Length is 39.4 cm (15.5 in) from top of waistband to hem. This is a great unisex skirt/skort. The Happy Hike skirt should attract women and MEN adopters for backpacking, hiking, and striding use. The drawstring and pockets are BIG pluses. The waistband is comfortable when using a backpack hip belt. Full review

Top-Rated Shorts and Skirts

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user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Macabi Skirt Hiking Skirt
$77 MSRP
2XU Compression Short Active Short
$80 MSRP
66°North Esja Shorts Hiking Short
Adidas Hiking Flex Short Hiking Short
Adidas Terrex Swift Lite Shorts Hiking Short
Altra Long Running Short Active Short
Altra Performance 2.0 Short Active Short
Altra Performance Skort Running Skirt
Altra Running Short Active Short
Altra Trail Short Active Short
Arc'teryx A2B Skort Hiking Skirt
Arc'teryx Adan Short Active Short
$59 - $79
Arc'teryx Aptin Short Active Short
$64 - $75
Arc'teryx Atlin Chino Short
Arc'teryx Bastion Long Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Camden Chino Short
Arc'teryx Cita Short Hiking Short
$39 - $65
Arc'teryx Cormac Short Active Short
Arc'teryx Gamma SL Hybrid Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Incendo Long Short Active Short
$43 - $69
Arc'teryx Kapta Short Active Short
Arc'teryx Lefroy Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Lyra Short Active Short
Arc'teryx Lyra Skort Running Skirt
Arc'teryx Marin Short Active Short
Arc'teryx Ossa Short Active Short
Arc'teryx Palisade Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Parapet Long Short Hiking Short
$59 - $99
Arc'teryx Parapet Short Hiking Short
$60 - $85
Arc'teryx Pemberton Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Perimeter Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Psiphon FL Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Rampart Long Short Hiking Short
$72 - $99
user rating: 5 of 5 (1)
Arc'teryx Rampart Short Hiking Short
$65 MSRP
Arc'teryx Reia Skirt Hiking Skirt
Arc'teryx Renegade Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Sabria Short Hiking Short
$59 - $99
Arc'teryx Soleus Short Active Short
Arc'teryx Solita Skort Running Skirt
$75 MSRP
Arc'teryx Stowe Short Hiking Short
Arc'teryx Sylvite Short Hiking Short
Armada Hot Tubbers Short Active Short
Asics Everysport Short Active Short
$32 MSRP
Berghaus Vapour Baggy Shorts Hiking Short
Berghaus Vapour Short Active Short
Big Agnes Columbine Skirt Hiking Skirt
Big Agnes Zirkel Circle Skirt Hiking Skirt
Black Diamond Castleton Shorts Hiking Short
Black Diamond Credo Shorts Hiking Short
$55 - $75
Black Diamond Creek Shorts Hiking Short
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