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Pillow X Large

rated 1.5 of 5 stars pillow does not hold air. not good for long distance backpacking. I did due diligence in reviewing this pillow. The other pillow I have had for my long distance backpacking trips is great, but not large enough. I decided to purchase this Klymit X large pillow for a 8 day backpacking trip. It arrived within 4 days. I immediately took it out of package and proceeded to blow it up. It too 4 breaths to blow up. It held the air for a couple minutes so I thought it was good and deflated. The 1st night… Full review

Massdrop x Klymit Ultralight V

rated 3.5 of 5 stars This pad was specially made for Massdrop, and was an excellent deal at $60. Although it has a lot of good qualities (high R-value, light, easy inflation/deflation), ultimately it was just not comfortable enough for my backpacking sleep needs. It may work well for back sleepers, but was not comfortable for me, a slender built side and stomach sleeper. I was searching for a sleeping pad for my backpacking trips that was light, had a high R-value, was comfortable and packed down tight. The Klymit Ultralight… Full review

Motion 60

rated 5 of 5 stars I bought this pack about a year ago to replace another ultra light pack I had worn out. (Wild Things AT pack, which I still like, but it is basically just a bag with straps on it). I was hesitant to buy this Klymit Motion 60, without trying it on first, but I took a chance, and I must say I have been absolutely pleased in every way possible. This pack is very light, super comfortable, and carries everything I need for a few days of wilderness travel. Excellent design! Well made pack. The price I… Full review

Pillow X

rated 2.5 of 5 stars This pillow is not comfortable for me. Although the Pillow X is well constructed and easy to use, the X-shape creates an uncomfortable sleeping surface that can create noise when you move around at night. To make matters worse, the material itself is noisy and uncomfortable. The trouble I have with inflatable pillows is like the trouble I have with inflatable air pads like the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir and Klymit's own Static V. I have found that for me they are supportive and keep your body out of contact… Full review

Static V Luxe

rated 4 of 5 stars A good pad....a tad on the bulky side when compressed and a bit heavy. Good ove all piece. A tad heavy and bulky. I found it very easy to slide off to one side or the other when there is any incline or even just turning over. After two outings it has not punctured yet. Full review

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Klymit develops "noble gas" technologies to insulate outerwear and outdoor adventure gear.

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