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Keen Footwear Launches 100% Hybrid Green Box

Keen continues its commitment to sustainability by creating a box that is more than a box, by being less than a box. This 100% hybrid green design uses less material, less ink and less energy, while at the same time making it easy to recycle or reuse. Sustainable, innovative, and 100% hybrid it’s more than just a shoebox.

The Hybrid Green Box uses approximately 30% less material than the current Keen box, allowing for more space at retail. This also means that during box production, less power is used. Either at retail or at home, the box breaks down immediately for easy recycling. The new design will be rolled out across the entire Keen SS07 collection.

Keen has re-imagined this box from the beginning and considered its impact every step of the way:

1. 100% recyclable
2. Natural water-based latex glue
3. Folds flat, allowing for easy disassembly and recycling
4. Weighs 25% less, saving space and fuel in shipping
5. Less printing, using only soy based inks
6. Reduced labor and power usage in production
7. Uses bio-degradable materials
8. Less materials, saves trees

“We’re proud of this new hybrid design, stated Keen President Kirk Richardson.” “This Hybrid Green Box represents our commitment to the environment, our retailers and our consumers.”


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