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Hyperlite Debuts Cuben Fiber Climbing Packs

Hyperlite Mountain Gear (HMG) has just introduced two new backpacks for ice climbing and mountaineering called the Ice Pack and the Porter. They are made using an ultralight non-woven fabric called Cuben Fiber.

See and Be Seen with Reflective Technology

Reflective technology can improve visibility, convenience and safety as days get shorter.

Hunting Season Safety Tips

A little extra caution is prudent if you plan on hiking, running, paddling or biking through natural areas where hunters are likely to be present.

Learning Wilderness First Aid

Are you prepared to deal with a backcountry medical emergency?

Is that a drum circle in your pocketknife?

Wenger's outrageously large Giant Knife boasts 87 implements, 141 functions, and a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for "most functions on...

Instant Camp Eggs Cook-Off

Dehydrated and freeze-dried instant eggs can inspire strong reactions among outdoor enthusiasts. We wondered which, if any, were worth packing along on the trail and put a batch to the backcountry taste test.

Therm-a-Rest Sleep System Review

Combine Therm-a-Rest's NeoAir All Season pad, Alpine Down Blanket, and Fitted Sheet and you get a full sleep system. Find out how comfortable and versatile the pieces were for our tester.

Chaco and Merrell move up and down footwear line

Footwear companies like Chaco and Merrell may start out with an iconic product (like water sandals or classic leather boots), but many move up or down the footwear line.

Comfortable paddling from Nova Craft, Kokatat, Teva

Being comfortable outdoors isn't always a given, but it's a plus. Three paddlesports companies — Nova Craft, Kokatat, and Teva — are working to make every paddling experience an enjoyable one for newcomers and old timers alike.

New Product Lines from Old(er) Companies

A dizzying array of new products were being hawked by young and old-line companies at Outdoor Retailer, including new gear and apparel lines from Eureka!, Wenger, and Brooks-Range.

Not-so-new-and-shiny backcountry stoves

While MSR was debuting three new stoves at Outdoor Retailer this month, the company, which has been building camping stoves for nearly 40 years, had a few other interesting models on exhibit.

How to Wash Your Down Sleeping Bag

You've invested in a down sleeping bag you'll use for years to come. Now, treat it well on the trail and at home. Proper care and cleaning will help your bag last for many seasons. And a clean bag will have improved loft to keep you warmer.

Blazing New Backcountry and Camping Lights

Outdoor Retailer was ablaze with new lighting products. Here are a few of the more interesting from Energizer, ICON, SureFire, and Brunton.

Stuff I Ate at OR

Food is essential whether you're thru hiking, climbing, or wandering for miles inside a convention hall. To expand your outdoor taste horizons, we've highlighted some outdoor food you may not have heard of or tried, yet.

Evernew and Jetboil offer titanium cooking systems

Titanium is all the rage in stoves and cookware at Outdoor Retailer this summer, including these new offerings from Evernew and Jetboil.

Nemo's first sleeping bags new shape for side-sleepers

Side sleeping is the most common sleep position, preferred by as many as two-thirds of people. But mummy bags are designed for back sleeping. Nemo's new Spoon Shaped bags are designed with side-sleepers in mind.

The North Face's first mountaineering boot (really)

The North Face has been outfitting alpinists since the 1960s. But up until now, those athletes did so wearing mountaineering boots made by other companies. To fix what The North Face saw as an oversight, the company has built its very first mountaineering boot, the Verto S-4K.

Switch from Walk to Climb with Salewa Pro Gaiter Boot

Just as you switch your AT ski boots from walk to ski mode, Salewa's PRO Gaiter allows you to switch your mountaineering boots from walk to climb mode.

MSR Introduces Three New Stoves

MSR introduced three new stoves at Outdoor Retailer, including the liquid- and canister-fuel burning WhisperLite Universal.

Mile High Mountaineering Brings the Passion

Jeff Popp started Mile High Mountaineering because he felt some existing pack designs "lacked passion." His fresh approach is on full display at Outdoor Retailer.

Exped and NEMO help users live outdoors comfortably

Two companies at this week's Outdoor Retailer show, NEMO and Exped, are designing, from a personal level, outdoor products for living outdoors.

Hilleberg Introduces 3-Season Tents

For the first time in its 40-year history, Swedish tent maker Hilleberg has created a series of three-season tents.

SteriPEN Freedom: smaller, lighter, rechargeable UV purifier

SteriPen introduced its smallest, lightest, and first rechargeable water purifier: the Freedom.

Ruff Wear OmniJore for dog-pulling fun year-round

Have a dog to walk or run? Like to cross-country ski? Combine the two and you've got skijoring, though that's just the start. Ruff Wear designed an OmniJore system that allows dogs and their people to "jor" together year-round.

New Ultralight Packs from Granite Gear, HMG, Terra Nova

There are many, many new packs at Outdoor Retailer. Here are just a few from Granite Gear, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, and Terra Nova that caught our eye.

ACR ResQLink is world's smallest personal locator beacon

ACR has released ResQLink, which it claims is the world's smallest 406 MHz personal locator beacon. The ResQLink's small and light waterproof package can be held in one hand and clocks in at less than four inches tall and 4.6 ounces in weight.

L.L. Bean limited-edition 100th anniversary outdoor gear

For its 100th anniversary in 2012, iconic outdoor brand L.L. Bean will release commemorative versions of some classic Maine gear, like a limited-edition canoe, handcrafted pack baskets, and the original Maine Hunting Shoe.

Ultralight Shelters Not Just About the Light Weight

Shelter systems are pushing boundaries not just for weight, but for innovative and interesting designs. Here are a few highlights from Eagles Nest Outfitters, Easton, Sea to Summit, and Hyperlite Mountain Gear, fresh off the OR show floor.

CamelBak's All Clear UV Bottle Purifier Available for 2012

Two years ago at OR, CamelBak announced its noteworthy All Clear, an in-bottle microbiological UV water purifier. After a lengthy wait and redesign, the All Clear finally will be launched in a new and improved form for 2012.

Mad River Canoe launches Serenade 13, lightweight solo hybrid canoe

Among the plethora of kayaks and SUP boards at OR Demo Day was a diminutive little canoe that everyone seemed anxious to try: the Mad River Serenade 13.

Outdoor Retailer: Wenonah Recon solo whitewater canoe

Dana Henry, son of Mad River Canoe founder Jim Henry, has designed his first boat for Wenonah: the Recon, a 13-foot solo whitewater canoe.

Outdoor Retailer: DeLorme InReach offers 2-way messaging

With DeLorme's inReach two-way GPS satellite communicator, users won't be left wondering if rescuers received their emergency message about a broken leg in the backcountry, or if Mom got the text update on their summit attempt.

Outdoor Retailer: Innova goes PVC-free with inflatable kayaks

Innova Kayaks produces PVC-free inflatable kayaks, for what they call the lightest, greenest, general recreation inflatable kayaks on the market.

Outdoor Retailer: Demo Day Impressions

Outdoor Retailer's Demo Day is a like movie preview — flash, lots of quick cuts, and hints of things to come. This Demo Day was no exception: cool new gear, interesting random events, and nonprofits working hard to make a difference.

Outdoor Retailer: The Gear Scene at Demo Day

We run for the kids, eat yummy s'mores bars, and check out the gear and equipment at Outdoor Retailer's Open Air Demo.

Outdoor Retailer: La Sportiva Vertical K minimal mountain runner

La Sportiva's Vertical K, new for 2012, highlights a number of continuing gear developments: 1) minimal structure, 2) ultra lightweight at 6.5 ounces (185 grams) per shoe, and 3) bright styling.

Outdoor Retailer: Really Cool "Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips" by Mike Clelland

It's been out a few months, but fans of "Allen & Mike’s Really Cool Telemark Tips" and "Allen & Mike's Really Cool Backcountry Ski Book" will appreciate "Ultralight Backpackin’ Tips" by author-illustrator Mike Clelland from Falcon Guides.

Outdoor Retailer: Tent, Pack, and Bag Lines Expand

While tents keep lightening up, not all manufacturers are giving up space or vying to be lightest of the light. Also, brands debut new tent, sleeping bag, and tent lines from stateside and the U.K.

Outdoor Retailer: Kids Ride High with Osprey and Piggyback Rider

Deuter may command 63 percent of the child carrier market, but it's about to have a few more contenders. Osprey and Piggyback Rider debut kid carriers to haul your progeny into the backcountry and around town.

Outdoor Retailer: Design Your Own Headlamp (or at least its looks)

Princeton Tec wants you to know its lights are made in America, and give you a hand (or rather mouse click) in the process. Design your own flashy or classy Fuel4 or Remix headlamp.

Outdoor Retailer: MSR Stoves Go Hybrid and Micro

Cascade Designs has loads of new gear for 2012: trekking poles, sleeping pads, tent accessories, and two new stoves, the small and light MSR MicroRocket and MSR's first hybrid-fuel stove, the WhisperLite Universal.

Outdoor Retailer: The Hoopla over a 4P Tent

We head to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market this week, and there's so much new backcountry gear to cover we're previewing some that has already caught our...

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2011

Trailspace was at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, along with 1,000 outdoor gear brands and 21,000 outdoorsy folks. We'll continue to bring you coverage of hiking, backpacking, paddling, trail running, and climbing gear, equipment, and apparel (whew) we saw at the show.

Multifunctional Gear + Clothing

With just over a week until Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, the new gear announcements have begun. Here are two interesting multifunctional pieces.

Lowe's 20-year-old pack and gear on display at OR

Outdoor Retailer starts next week and the teasers and press releases announcing new, revolutionary gear are abundant.

Guide to Lightweight Backpacking

Is your backpack so heavy that you need help lifting it off the ground? If so, perhaps it's time to learn about lightweight backpacking and how to reduce the weight of your pack to a more comfortable 10 to 15 percent of your body weight »

Guide to Canoes and Paddles

Whether you're buying your first recreational or touring canoe or adding to your quiver of whitewater boats, there are numerous factors to consider in selecting the right craft. What type, shape, and materials? How long? And what about a paddle?

OutDoor Gold Awards for Gear Design Innovation

Eleven outdoor products — including an Edelrid kids climbing harness, custom Hanwag hiking shoes, a Therm-a-Rest sleeping pad, a Valandre down jacket, and a Mountain Hardwear shell — were honored recently at the OutDoor Show with Gold Awards for outstanding innovation and design achievement.

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