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Sierra Designs Enhances Green Effect Program

Sierra Designs, an authentic leader in developing technical outdoor products, announced that it has enhanced its Green Effect program and created a blueprint to build upon its mission of practicing and promoting a harmonious relationship between its business world and the outdoor world.

The following five steps represent the blueprint for the Green Effect program for Sierra Designs:

1. Build environmentally friendly products whenever possible
2. Support environmental programs and organizations
3. Grow programs that promote sustainable outdoor recreation
4. Reduce costs and waste
5. Enhance community involvement through its employees, reps, retailers and consumers

“Our business practices and path for 2007 and beyond illustrates our commitment to the environment and the community with the use of sustainable practices, partnerships and product innovations,” said Paul Gagner president of Sierra Designs. “To us, it’s about living and working in ways that don’t jeopardize the future of our social, economic and natural resources. With our Green Effect program, we illustrate our commitment towards environmental stewardship and its role in helping to significantly limit the amount of negative environmental impact.”

Most recently, Sierra Designs purchased renewable energy certificates to offset 100 percent of the power used at the company's American headquarters and warehouse with wind energy. Additionally, the company has implemented environmentally friendly materials in everything from its 70 percent green tradeshow booth to its sustainable products incorporating such materials as Cocona, recycled Polyester, Bemis PVC-free tape and solvent free membranes. Finally, the company has created an in-house “Green Team” dedicated to protecting the earth and its surroundings by reducing costs and waste through environmentally friendly resources.

In addition to its green materials products and service practices, Sierra Designs has also partnered with several organizations dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. Such partners include: 3 Phases Energy Services, Green Steps, Outdoor Retailer, Green-e, Conservation Alliance, American Mountain Guides Association, Cocona and Polartec, to name a few. Most recently, Sierra Designs has signed on with Native Energy to fight against climate change and both reduce CO2 emissions and help build sustainable economies for communities in need.


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