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Trailspace 20,000 Reviews Contest: Win Gear

Back in 2001, a little outdoor community called Trailspace hit the world wide web (as it was once known) with a small collection of backcountry gear reviews. Those reviews, on outdoor gear from shelters to snowshoes to soft shells, now total more than 19,600 and counting.

As we approach 20,000 user reviews, we think that milestone is worth celebrating. It also calls for a big thank you to our community members. So, we're giving away some great gear prizes from the likes of Primus, SPOT, Nikwax, Leave No Trace, and the mysterious box of gear in our office.

There are a number of ways to win gear prizes:

  • Write the 20,000th Trailspace gear review.
  • Write the most helpful Trailspace user review between now and the 20,000th review (as determined by member rankings).
  • Write the most helpful Trailspace user review of all time (as determined by member rankings of all user reviews in Trailspace's backcountry gear guide).
  • Write a gear review as a Trailspace member between now and the 20,000th review, and be entered in a drawing to win gear prizes.

A sampling of the gear prizes already in hand.

Prizes include:

  • a Primus lightweight backpacking stove,
  • a SPOT locator beacon with one year of service, 
  • Nikwax cleaners and treatments to keep your gear in great shape,
  • a Princeton Tec headlamp,
  • Leave No Trace books and reminders,
  • Clif bars,
  • CamelBak filter bottles,
  • Trailspace hats,
  • gift cards,
  • plus, other great gear prizes we round up before that 20,000th review is submitted.

To submit a gear review:

You don't need to write a review to participate in the Trailspace 20,000 Reviews Contest. Any member can rate user reviews, and help determine the most helpful reviews on the site.

To rate user reviews:

  • Be a member of Trailspace, and logged in.
  • Click on "Was this review helpful? yes | no" at the bottom of any review, to rate whether you found it helpful (or not so helpful).

Contest Rules:

  • Anyone, with the exception of Trailspace employees and their immediate family members, may enter the contest.
  • If you have any personal, professional, or commercial interest in the gear or brand you're reviewing, or its competitors, you must fully disclose that relationship in your review. Failure to do so is grounds for removal.
  • Reviews that are commercial, spam, dishonest, inappropriate, off-topic, or judged invalid by Trailspace for any reason, will be removed from Trailspace and will not count toward the 20,000 reviews.
  • Reviews must adhere to Trailspace's Community Rules and Guidelines and Terms of Service.
  • Trailspace reserves the right to edit or remove any review on its site.
  • If you're a winner but cannot be contacted in a timely manner through the email address listed with your Trailspace account, an alternate winner will be announced.
  • No purchase or payment is necessary to enter or win.


I am confused about how we enter for this contest? Is every review one entry ? Or are you going to pick from all active users ?

Welcome to Trailspace, nckgonzalez.

1. Every Trailspace member (not guests) will be entered into a random drawing each time they write a valid gear review between now and whenever the 20,000th review is submitted.

From that pool of member reviews/entries we'll pull a number of random winners and send them some prizes.

You only get entered into this drawing by being a member and writing a valid gear review (no one-liners, spams, etc) between now and #20,000. Each review is worth one entry.

2. In addition, whomever writes review #20,000 (member or guest) will win some prizes.

3. Also, if you write the "most helpful" review you will win prizes.

Being judged "most helpful" is based on how other members rate your reviews. At the bottom of every review on the site is a "Was this helpful? Yes/No" option. This will determine the most helpful reviews.

I hope that explained it for you.

What about the member with the most gear reviews? Isn't that worth something? LOL...JK. Fun contest though.

What about the member with the most gear reviews? Isn't that worth something? LOL...JK. Fun contest though.

Ha ha! I hadn't thought of that one. Maybe I can come up with a few additional ideas like that for prizes.

Any other ideas?

I just wonder how many more members this contest will bring? Unrelated, for me, the contest gave me the kick in the butt I have needed to post some of the reviews that I have been meaning to put on here for a while now!

Just put my new SteriPen Adventurer, Xponent led pack lantern, Guyot design micro utensil, Columbia Utilizer2 pant, Guyot Gription cap w/ Cyclone 1 liter, Leki Super Makalu Trekking Poles, LaFuma Warm n' light 600 bag, and Sierra Designs Alpha CD 3 person convertible tent through the ringer. Fantastic fun, but now I have lots of work to do! :) Some fun review writing will be happening tonight!

I have never seen so many NEW gear review postings on here since the contest started! I would hope that once these new folks come on here they realize what a great tool this site is and continue to add and provide info for others.

reviews done! f-i-n-g-e-r-s s-o t-i-r-e-d

How close are we to the 20,000, currently?

As of right now: 19,810 reviews.

If you haven't written a review, you still have a little time to pull one together.

Right on! Thanks Alicia, and all of TS. Ive written a couple since the contest started, guess I still have time for a few more :-)

Make that 19,811!

Hi Alicia, I wrote a review of Barilla Pasta PlusĀ (a new brand). Does it have to go through review before it posts? It's great stuff. Thanks for all of your efforts to make this such a great place to spend cybertime.

Good question. Only reviews not already attached to a brand on the site need to go through us first, since we have to add a brand to get them up.

We do get to them all though.

Otherwise, all reviews appear on the site immediately, though we do read and moderate after the fact to make sure they follow our rules and guidelines.

Thanks for the thanks, and the reviews!

20,000! Way to go Trailspace!

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