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Bear Aware: "Man vs. Wild" video game

Bummed that Bear Grylls didn't pick you for his "Fan vs. Wild" series?

You know you would have been awesome on the show — eating worms for breakfast with Bear, gutting a hare with your bare hands with Bear, rappelling off cliffs with Bear.

If only Bear and his producers had recognized your serious, survival potential...

But wait, now you can take it a step further (some would say back). Now, you can be Bear. Fight snakes and sharks, build rafts, parachute, drink your own urine, without risking so much as a sunburn.

That's right, "Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls" the video game comes out this fall from Crave Games.

The last video game I played was Tetris. So, if you want more details, check out the trailer below.

Game: "Man vs. Wild with Bear Grylls"

Available: Fall 2010

Platforms: Nintendo Wii, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360

Crave Games


Yeah, it may be silly. But I will buy this for the Wii.

I guess I'm really old school, I prefer to actually get out and do things, not that gamers don't. I've just never been much of a game person, I can't sit still long enough.

I'll bet the game will be popular though.

I enjoy strategy games. I would fall asleep on this game in minutes. Give me Civilization, Elemental War of Magic and it's game time.

I love the hit show man vs. wild, I just wish I knew where to get Bear Grylls Knife.  I would love to have it and have my own little survival outings. lol

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