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Patagonia Music Collective: Buy Exclusive Tunes, Support Environment

Get exclusive music tracks from the likes of Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, Mason Jennings, and Bonnie Raitt and support environmental groups, through Patagonia's new Music Collective.

In collaboration with a range of musicians, the company launched the Patagonia Music Collective. Buy one of 22 benefit songs and the net proceeds go directly to an environmental non-profit, such as Freedom to Roam, Earthjustice, and Climate Cycle, chosen by the artist.

The collection includes 22 exclusive tracks (some acoustic and/or live), such as Bonnie Raitt and Jon Cleary's "So Damn Good," Pearl Jam's "Oceans," Jack Johnson's "To the Sea," Brandi Carlile's "Turpentine," Ziggy Marley's "A Fire Burns for Freedom," and Mason Jenning's "Don't Let the World Go Black."

Songs can be bought individually ($0.99) or in two volumes of 11 tracks each (Patagonia Music, Vol. 1 and Vol 1; $10.89 per volume).

“My hope is that fans see their favorite artists supporting the environment and want to get involved themselves,” said Patagonia founder and owner Yvon Chouinard. “The groups these musicians are supporting are the ones that are ultimately going to save the planet. Patagonia’s hopeful other musicians will see that by just donating a song they can easily provide their favorite enviro group with a new stream of financing.”

Benefit tracks are available for preview at You'll purchase the actual songs through iTunes. You can also listen for free to a new-music stream. A new benefit track and three emerging tracks will be released each week.


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