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Last Day to Enter: Fall Adventures Photo Contest

Today is your last day to enter the Trailspace Fall Adventures Photo Contest. The contest closes to entries at midnight today, December 9. We've received some great entries so far — why not add your best fall photo to the mix?

Voting will stay open until midnight on December 15. If you've already entered, encourage friends and family to vote for your images by "liking" them. If you haven't entered, check out all the great entries and vote for your favorite photos.




To Enter

  1. Visit Trailspace's Facebook page at If you haven't already "liked" Trailspace on Facebook, click the "Like" button at the top of that page.
  2. On Trailspace's Facebook Wall, click the "Share Photo" link. Select and upload a picture you're taken that expresses the feeling of fall.
  3. Share with your fiends and encourage them to vote for their favorite photos.



To Vote

  1.  Visit Trailspace's Facebook page at If you haven't already "liked" Trailspace on Facebook, click the "Like" button at the top of that page.
  2. Near the top of Trailspace's Facebook Wall, click and pull down to select "Everyone (Most Recent)" to make sure you're able to see all the entries. 
  3. Enjoy the pictures, and click "Like" on the images you'd like to vote for.

We'll announce the winners of the Trailspace Fall Adventures Photo Contest on December 16. If you have questions about how to enter the contest or vote for images, let us know in the comments here or on Facebook.

Rock the Vote

To encourage friends to "like" your pictures, click on the image you've submitted. Under your caption, click "Share."  This will post the picture to your "Wall" with whatever message you want. For example, you could say "Check out this picture of me climbing Mt. Awesome. I've entered it in the Trailspace Fall Adventures Photo Contest and you could help me win by liking this picture!"

Share the love by voting for other pictures too!



Here's what's at stake for our top vote-getters:


First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize


Just dropped my camera down a crevasse.  If you find it please post the pictures here.

Finders keepers and winner if the picture/s survive.

You also can see all photos here for easier voting:

though you'll also see a few non-contest ones thrown in.

Alicia, I have a new entry:



So how do we vote at the link, I see all the images. Do I click on the image of my choice?

To Vote, go to either of the following:


Click on any favorite photos submitted for the contest and click "Like" below it on the left.

Rick, wow!

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