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Announcing the Backcountry Gear Haiku Finalists

Thanks to everyone who entered and voted in our Backcountry Gear Haiku contest! We had more than 380 entries from old and new (welcome!) members.

I personally enjoyed reading all of your outdoor gear haiku entries and hope you had fun participating. We have some thoughtful, witty, reflective members in our community. Thanks for sharing your talents and diverse voices!

Community voting ended last week, and our seven outdoor judges now are voting on their personal favorites from the community's top picks. (I eagerly submitted my own votes this morning and can't wait to see how the other judges vote.)

Below are the top 11 finalists (we had a 10th place tie) in alphabetical order by haiku title. Three poetic people in this list will win $300, $150, and $50 to

Congratulations, Backcountry Gear Haiku Finalists! Stay tuned for the overall winners.

Backcountry Gear Haiku Finalists


All that glitters by Grady Says

Lighter load I thought

Bright skies sneer at waterproofs

What a fool I drip


Deadly Encounter by Westbrook0

Footsteps crashing down

Bear spray whipped out from my pack

Squirrel makes me a clown


I love belayers. by iClimb

Falling through nothing

Memories and Regrets now

SNAP breathe Welcome Back


It might be the map... by overmywaders

This bog is all wrong,

the map has it a mile west.

Conclusion: bad map.


The Kelty Baby Carrier by leadbelly2550

Sweaty forehead kiss

On my sunburned neck tells me

My boy is asleep.


Mammut Skywalker by FromSagetoSnow

I got five stitches.

A rock hit me in the head.

Helmets are cheaper.


me & my kayak by outdoor librarian

Kayak here's the deal

Shelter my possessions please

I will guide you home


Ode to My Tent by doggymcnuggets

Dawn...woods come to life

I lie in my tent silent

Home away from home


Sacred Support by naturedeb1

Held in special way

Live to tell another day

Thanks to the belay


Torture device by another name by whomeworry

Flutter, flap, and warp.

My tent and wind conspire

To steal all my sleep.


Wilderness rewards by gregseitz

the day's travels done

dishes washed, campfire stoked

pass that Nalgene flask


these are all so awesome!

These are great! I am happy to re-read them all and see them in the finals!! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

Good job everyone. Best of luck too all of you. There is some really great reads here.

Good and often clever,

and if not clever I still smell

the dust of the trail



Honored to be included in a great bunch of poems. Thanks for the votes, everyone!

I wanted to win


I got Haikued by the best


Good luck to you all!


Maybe there should be a contest for the best haiku ABOUT the best Haiku....


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