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Win a Vargo Titanium Camp Kitchen: Stove, Mug, Spork

Review your outdoor gear now through Sunday, December 9, and you could win a three-piece, ultralight, titanium camp kitchen worth $109 total, thanks to Vargo Outdoors!

One lucky gear reviewer will win a Vargo Titanium Ti-lite Mug (900 ml), Decagon titanium alcohol stove, and Titanium Folding Spork for an ultralight backcountry dining experience.

To win this Vargo prize pack:

  1. Write a review now through Sunday, December 9, of your outdoor gear, apparel, or footwear. Every review you share counts as an entry, and helps other outdoor enthusiasts.*
  2. Monday, December 10, we'll randomly draw one lucky gear reviewer.
  3. Review your gear now, and you could be enjoying a hot drink and meal on the trail with your Vargo titanium mug, stove, and folding spork.

The Vargo Titanium Ti-lite Mug cooking system is a 900 ml cooking solution for weight conscious travelers. It’s topped off by an original strainer lid with heat-resistant knob and is large enough to fit an entire cook system inside ($64.95 MSRP).

With no movable parts and a one-piece titanium construction, the Decagon alcohol backpacking stove is built to withstand the abuse of everyday use on any outdoor excursion ($29.95 MSRP). 

Ultra compact and lightweight, the ever-useful Titanium Folding Spork fits almost anywhere in your pack or cooking pot ($13.95 MSRP).

Review your gear to win. 

*Important Bits: Must be a registered Trailspace member (not guest) to win (join as a member now). Each valid outdoor gear review counts as an entry. Incomplete reviews and reviews less than 75 words may be disqualified at our discretion. We will contact the winners via private message on the day of the drawing. If winner doesn't reply within six days, we'll draw a new winner. See full Write-a-Review Giveaway rules.


I have them also.

They are good gear for BPL.

zerogram said:

I have them also.

They are good gear for BPL.

Thanks, zerogram.

You might want to share your own review of these products on Trailspace too:

I posted the only piece of gear's review that I have not already the other day. I have so little stuff as traveling on my bike I can't afford or would want to have the seemly amounts of gear some other members have. I only have one of each of the following, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, hiking boots, stove, cook pot, daypack, backpack and bicycle.  My rain gear is actually made for motorcycling and I wear second hand NIKE's running shoes (bought at a church yard sale a month ago).

Can I do a gear review on my bike? What catagory would it go under?



Thanks for sharing those reviews, Gary! I was glad to read your Ensolite pad review. 34 years is a lot of use!

Here it is for anyone else who'd like to read it:

Gary also reviewed his Mountain Hardwear tent:

Thanks for reviewing all your gear you do have. We appreciate it.

We don't include bike reviews. However, if you're wondering about other things to review, we cover outdoor food and drink:

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