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All That We Behold is Full of Blessings

"All that we behold is full of blessings. 

Therefore let the moon shine on thee in thy solitary walk;

And let the misty mountain winds be free to blow against thee."

—William Wordsworth


Nature is my religion and today will be a day of gratitude and love. No news in the house for the next few days.  Thanks to all the forum members.

Wonderful post...peaceful thoughts in a time that can be so chaotic.

I was thinking about these wise words on Monday while I hiked into the moon-lit forest at 5:30 a.m. for the first day of deer hunting season. A gentle breeze in the mountains all day long led to a much needed day of peace. 

Kiwi has some good thoughts. Be a seeker of peace and spend more time in the outdoors. Don't be afraid to go in winter. Try the less traveled places at the least visited times of the year. Access Divinity through the Natural World. Give thanks. Say a prayer. Feel the Joy.

I have an undeveloped 120 a. wood lot outside of Farmington Maine

Last trip I'd sit and watch the full moon go over the tree tops and seemingly "go to bed" with the residents at Willow Brook, in the a.m I'd hike back and see if there any signs (ya never can tell!)

I'd probably should to go back some evening with a jug of Chez Davis vin ordiaere and just sit by the beaver dams just to see where the moon does go, the beavers don't talk much but I am pretty they know

....................anyway its a big screen and there ain't no bad shows or commericals



My Border Collie is very visual in her approach to life and spends a lot of time looking out the windows. We call it "Rabbitvision." This morning she was looking out the big picture window at the Sierras, which is her "big screen."

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