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Total Winter Traction for Two Winners, from Kahtoola!

This month, two Trailspace members will each win all the traction to run and hike icy trails through winter, thanks to Kahtoola!

Review your outdoor gear, apparel, or footwear now through Sunday, February 28, and you're automatically entered to win one of two Kahtoola total traction prize packages. Each winner will receive a pair of NANOspkes, MICROspikes, and KTS Steel hiking crampons, plus accessories ($300+ total value), to keep upright and exploring year-round. 

To Enter to Win:

  • Write a review now through Sunday, February 28, of your own outdoor gear, apparel, or footwear. Every complete, qualifying review counts as an entry.
  • You're entered! Plus, your review helps other outdoor enthusiasts find the best gear for their backcountry adventures.
  • On Monday, February 29, we'll draw two eligible gear reviewers to each win all of this Kahtoola traction.

Kahtoola Total Traction Prize

Thanks to the folks at Kahtoola, two separate Trailspace members each will win the following products to take you from city streets to icy mountain trails ($300+ value per winner). 

Run across slippery, frozen surfaces with NANOspikes's ultralight, low-profile traction (8.3 oz per pair). Like studded snow tires, NANOspikes bite into icy sidewalks or roads while keeping shoes flexible ($49.95).

With stainless steel spikes and welded chains, MICROspikes provide the traction to run or hike icy winter trails (11.9 oz per pair). They feature an integrated toe bale and reinforced eyelets on a low-profile elastomer harness ($69.95).

KTS Steel Hiking Crampons 
KTS Steel Hiking Crampons are designed to tackle rugged terrain without extra weight (23.3 oz per pair). Made from chromoly steel with one-inch points, the KTS crampons fold down to save pack space ($159).

Winners also will receive KTS Snow Release Skins ($19) to prevent snowballing underfoot and a Tote Sack ($19.95). 

MICROspikes KTS Steel

Review your gear today.

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