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Win 1 of 2 DriDown Sleeping Bags from Sierra Designs

We're giving away Sierra Designs DriDown sleeping bags to two lucky Trailspace gear reviewers. After all, every outdoor enthusiast needs a warm, dry place to rest up between adventures.

Review your own outdoor gear, apparel, or footwear now through Wednesday, June 29, and you're automatically entered to win either a women's Eleanor Plus 700 2-Season ($250 value) or a men's Zissou Plus 700 2-Season ($220 value), thanks to the folks at Sierra Designs.

Enter to Win:

  • Write a review now through Wednesday, June 29, of your own well-used backcountry gear, apparel, or footwear. Every complete, qualifying review counts as an entry.
  • You're entered!
  • On Thursday, June 30, we'll draw two eligible gear reviewers to win these Sierra Designs sleeping bags for summer outings.

Eleanor Plus & Zissou Plus

Thanks to Sierra Designs, two Trailspace members will each have a new sleeping bag for their summer adventures, either a women's Eleanor Plus 700 2-Season or a men's Zissou Plus 700 2-Season.

Based on the award-winning traditional mummy shape of the original Eleanor and Zissou, both bags have a quilt-style closure to provide bed-like comfort in variable temperatures. To keep you warmer and drier, they're filled with lightweight, compressible 700 fill duck hydrophobic DriDown, which stays dry longer and dries faster than untreated down.

The Eleanor Plus 700 2-Season has an EN Comfort Limit temperature rating of 30° F and an EN Lower Limit of 19° F and weighs 2 lbs 5 oz ($249.95 MSRP).

The Zissou Plus 700 2-Season has an EN Comfort Limit temperature rating of 36° F and an EN Lower Limit of 26° F and weighs 2 lbs 2 oz ($220 MSRP).


Review your gear today and be entered to win a new sleeping bag.

Winner must be a resident of the United States. 

See Trailspace's Write-a-Review Giveaway rules for other rules.


Sweet bag! That is some serious loft in that footbox!

I won't be in it to win it but 2 someones are going to be very happy campers.

It's also fun on our end to give away some great gear!

Sweet giveaway.  When it is described as a 2-season bag do you mean "cold and I'm freezing"?  LOL.

Welcome to Trailspace, Craig!

Sierra Designs has a 2-season and a 3-season version of both of these bags.

As you'd guess, they have slightly different temp ratings:

Eleanor Plus 700 2-Season

  • EN Comfort Limit:30° F / -1° C
  • EN Lower Limit:19° F / -7° C

Eleanor Plus 700 3-Season

  • EN Comfort Limit:23° F / -5° C
  • EN Lower Limit:11° F / -12° C

Zissou Plus 700 2-Season

  • EN Comfort Limit:36° F / 2° C
  • EN Lower Limit:26° F / -4° C

Zissou Plus 700 3-Season

  • EN Comfort Limit:27° F / -3° C
  • EN Lower Limit:15° F / -9° C

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