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Review Your Gear to Win 1600 Lumens from LED Lenser

Need lumens? We're giving away 1,600 blazing ones in a LED Lenser flashlight and headlamp prize package worth more than $400. 

Review your outdoor gear, apparel, or footwear now through Sunday, July 31, and you're automatically entered to win both a rechargeable headlamp (1,000 lumens) and a rechargeable flashlight (600 lumens) to light up your campsite, thanks to the folks at LED Lenser.

Enter to Win:

  • Write a review now through Sunday, July 31, of your own backcountry gear, apparel, or footwear. Every complete, qualifying review counts as an entry.
  • You're entered!
  • On Monday, August 1, we'll draw one eligible gear reviewer to win this LED Lenser lighting prize.

LED Lenser Prizes

Thanks to LED Lenser, one Trailspace member will win both a rechargeable H14R.2 headlamp and a rechargeable M7RX flashlight to light up his or her campsite.

Both the M7RX and H14R.2 feature LED Lenser's Advanced Focus System (AFS) and its Smart Light Technology (SLT). AFS combines a reflector and lens to provide a focused beam for long distances and a homogenous spill-beam for up-close tasks. In addition to eight light programs and functions, Advanced SLT offers Energy Saving and Constant Current modes.

  • The rechargeable H14R.2 headlamp weighs 12 ounces and boasts a maximum of 1000 lumens (60 minimum). It features a scroll wheel to choose your brightness and a redesigned switch for ease-of-use, even with gloves on. In addition to a USB charger, it comes with a 120V wall charger ($140 MSRP headlamp, $20 MSRP charger).
  • The rechargeable M7RX flashlight is one of LED Lenser's most powerful and versatile handheld flashlights. It weighs 7.16 ounces, boasts a maximum of 600 lumens (85 minimum), and features Rapid Focus to transition from close to far. It comes with a stow-and-go wall charger and USB adapter ($250 MSRP).


Review your gear today and be entered to win.

Winner must be a resident of the United States or Canada.

See Trailspace's Write-a-Review Giveaway rules for other rules.


1600 Lumens from Led Lenser,  has to be one of the best flashlights out there.  Actually, I haven't seen it or used it. However, I know that the best way to choose a light is by checking out the lumens. 

It doesn't matter how big the flashlight is, and it doesn't matter the style or the size of the whole product.  What is most important when choosing a flashlight is the lumens!

Right now I have two flashlights, one has 250 lumens and the other has 450 lumens.  And both are awesome.  The two fifty one is a small portable, very portable, easy to carry.  The four fifty one is a larger one  that contains larger batteries.   I like the two fifty one because it uses about two penlight batteries (double A batteries).  And for these two small batteries, because of the lumens, it pretty much almost lights up a small room at night in the dark.      The larger one has a strobe effect, besides the regular light.

Now, this one that is pictured, since it has 1600 lumens ---that has to be the king or queen of flashlights.  I can only imagine how bright this light is.  And it must be just slightly awesome!

If you are looking for a powerful, handy flashlight for any and all emergency uses or even just or ordinary use around the yard at night or in the home, 1600 lumens is the way to go.

Hi Linda,

Thanks for the comments. What brand of flashlights are you using currently?

One important note: The 1,600 lumens is actually total lumens for two lights:

  • a rechargeable M7RX flashlight (600 lumens, max) and
  • rechargeable H14R.2 headlamp (1,000 lumens, max)

I edited the contest announcement above and added a second image to hopefully make that more clear. I'm sorry for any confusion.

Main reason for owning the M7RX Flashlight or the H14R.2 Headlamp  in my case would be the protection offered if a Bear were to cross my path on the trail or in camp. towards evening. This bright light flashed directly in the eyes of a Bear or Coyote would confuse and frighten most furry critters making a encounter less likely. :^)

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