NPS offers animal-human interactive experiences to meet $20M budget gap

In an attempt to meet a $20-million budget shortfall, the National Park Service will offer animal-human interactive experiences for the 2012 spring and summer tourist season, reports the Department of the Interior today.

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"Get the Gear!" says Portlandia

"Get the gear!" say Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, stars of "Portlandia," a series of short clips that parody life in Portland, Oregon. If finding just the right soft shell has ever turned your "alpine start" into an "after-lunch start," check out the following funny episode.

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How many cats or bacon slices can you fit in a pack?

REI just released this infographic on "How to Choose & Use a Backpack." In a brief layout, it covers a fair amount of introductory info for the beginning pack buyer/carrier in an easy-to-read format.

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"Yello-Stone Natural Park" competes with Yellowstone National Park

Some Friday fun, straight from "America's Finest News Source," The Onion: Yellowstone National Park Concerned About Competing 'Yello-Stone Natural Park'...

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Some Outdoor Sign Spotting

This sign we spotted in Massachusetts last weekend provided me with more questions than answers. An identical sign was posted about 100 yards away.

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Yet another hard shell: Pactiv enters outdoor market

Pactiv, a leader in the consumer and food service industries, is entering the outdoor market. The company’s new flagship line of super affordable, ultralight, waterproof shells are aimed at budget backpackers, families and leaders of large youth groups, and anyone with a disdain for outdoor logos, fashion, or decent fit.

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Hi-Tec Petitions for Liquid Mountaineering in Olympics

Best pre-OR press release: Hi-Tec announces it is petitioning the International Olympic Committee to have “Liquid Mountaineering” (running on water) officially recognized as an Olympic sport.

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"Lettuce" hikers know and follow outdoor rules

When hiking, backpacking, and climbing, you know to always follow the local rules and guidelines, even if they're a tad different from the ones back at...

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National Parks Closed For Annual Remajestification

From, just in time for Memorial Day ('s satire): With their current condition "marginally breathtaking at best," America's national...

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Announcing the outdoor brand of the millennium!

As the humble editor of Trailspace lo these many years, I've had the privilege to read every single user review — yes, all 18,358,742,645,781 — submitted...

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Hug that mountain Captain Kirk style

  Watch the Star Trek V: The Final Frontier opener with Captain Kirk free soloing El Capitan and William Shatner’s full explanation of why Kirk climbs...

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Archwood Flextrek 37 Trillion

Your old backpack is good enough, right? Wrong! Now there’s the Archwood Flextrek 37 Trillion ZXYVR/M-Series Magnum Package.

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Bierhoff Bros: House of German Coats

In honor of Election Day tomorrow, I’ve posted a Saturday Night Live skit below. No, it’s not Tina Fey this time around, but this SNL sketch from...

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Parking Garage: Beyond the Limit

Need a good laugh? Watch the following spoof:     The full video also is posted on the, with background info.

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Last week at Outdoor Retailer I stopped by the Lonely Planet booth and started flipping through a copy of Signspotting, a book by Doug Lansky with pictures...

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