Appalachian Trail to Celebrate 75th Anniversary

The Appalachian Trail, the longest hiking-only footpath in the world, celebrates its 75th anniversary in August. Now measuring roughly 2,180 miles from Georgia to Maine, the original trail took more than 15 years to build.

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"To the Arctic" with Photographer Florian Schulz

Award-winning conservation photographer Florian Schulz spent many months in the Arctic — spring, summer, fall, and winter — to photograph the remote landscape and diverse wildlife for "To the Arctic."

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Soak your worries away in trailside hot springs

Hot springs and winter hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing are a match made in heaven. Check out these five hot springs, and some tips and tricks for making the most of your hot spring experience.

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Famous Mountains You've Never Heard Of

What makes a mountain a "famous?" The World Famous Mountains Conference includes some interesting peaks you've likely never heard of.

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Backpacking Coast-to-Coast Across Scotland

The TGO Challenge is an annual non-competitive backpacking event, where participants hike across Scotland from the west coast to the east coast over the course of 15 days.

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In Praise of Autumn Paddling

Autumn is the best season for canoeing and kayaking: there are no crowds, the bugs are gone, and the water is still warm.

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A Cinematic Journey on the Camino de Santiago

It's not often that hiking is featured prominently on the silver screen. Or that a major film takes its name from a trail. But both happen this weekend, when "The Way" opens in theaters nationwide.

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The John Muir Trail: The Music Video

This summer, a group of 8 multi-media artists known as the John Muir Project loaded up with more than 60 lbs of video equipment each to record their experiences on the 230-mile John Muir Trail (JMT).

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Sierra Names Nation's "Coolest" Green Schools

Know an outdoorsy, environmentally-minded high school student looking at colleges? Show him or her yet another ranking list, this one Sierra magazine's annual list of the nation’s “Coolest Schools.”

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Roxanne Quimby on her Controversial Maine National Park

Roxanne Quimby wants to donate 70,000 acres of her land near Baxter State Park to create a new national park in Maine.

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Denali Winter Wilderness Gear: Furry and Fleet

Denali's original two million acres are designated as wilderness area — no motorized equipment or transport allowed. That's a boon for backcountry enthusiasts, but come winter it's also a lot of frozen land for rangers to patrol.

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Video: Climbing Big Peaks with Style

Wonder what it's like to climb a really big, technical mountain? What about turning around before you reach the summit? You can get a glimpse in this...

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Camp in Someone's Garden (for a small fee)

Traveling on a non-backpacking holiday, but can't find a campground or park to set the tent up in, and don't want to stay indoors? Want to stay somewhere...

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Camping in New York City

As part of the America’s Great Outdoors initiative, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has proposed a series of steps to link local communities,...

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Doctors Prescribe Hiking in National Parks

If you're reading this, you likely know firsthand that going for a hike or walk in nature has a positive impact on your mood and health.

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(Re)Discovering Old Trails

Admitting this could get me in trouble, but the other day I hit the trail by myself without a map, compass, water bottle, or any of the other 10 Essentials. I had just a vague plan to run on a certain trail for a while.

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Video: Photographer Paul Nicklen's Ice-bound Tales

We're fans of photographer Paul Nicklen's Polar Obsession book at my house. So I was excited to learn he recently presented a TED Talk "Tales of ice-bound...

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Tourists walk on Yellowstone's Old Faithful geyser

These people are lucky they weren't seriously burned. Someone in Wisconsin watching an Old Faithful webcam saw 30 members of a tour group walking on...

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Video: Phoning from deep inside a tree well

We recently covered tree well safety. Here's a stark safety reminder. James Drummond was snowboarding at California's Mount Shasta Ski Park recently when...

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Controversial Quimby wants to donate Maine national park

Mention Roxanne Quimby, co-founder of Burt's Bees, among Maine conservationists, sportsmen, and outdoor enthusiasts and you're likely to hear some rather strong opinions.

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Soundscape Ecology: Listening to the health of ecosystems

The sounds of nature can be part of the appeal of the outdoors for hikers, bird watchers, and paddlers. But what about human noise? As vehicular and airplane traffic has increased, animals have been impacted, even in the backcountry.

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Outdoor Links: Bears, Sidecountry Rescues, Gadhafi's Beans hat

Stuck indoors? You can still get a little outdoor hit by reading outdoor-related articles from the world beyond.

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Can government shut down access to public lands?

Politicians have temporarily avoided a potential government shutdown. But until Congress passes an appropriations bill, a government shutdown is still a possibility. If funding expires, outdoor enthusiasts could find access to public lands, like National Parks and National Forests, cut off.

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Boulder tops "America's 15 Most Active Cities"

Congratulations, Boulder, Colo. According to Time, you are the most active city in the United States.

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Obama presents America's Great Outdoors report

A year ago, President Obama launched the America’s Great Outdoors initiative to create a national dialogue and agenda about conservation and recreation in America. The result is "America’s Great Outdoors: A Promise to Future Generations" released this week.

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Links and News from the Outdoor World

Here's a round-up of links to some recent outdoor news. Ponder and comment away over the long weekend, when you're not spending your free time outside,...

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Exercising outdoors is better for you than gym

Treadmill or trail? If you —or your schedule — are ever undecided, consider this. Exercising outdoors in a natural environment is linked to greater...

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Explorers and history buffs prepare for South Pole centennial trips

The South Pole can expect an increase in traffic for the upcoming 100-year anniversaries of the historic Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott expeditions.

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NPS releases draft on flights and noise in Grand Canyon

The National Park Service has developed a draft plan to manage helicopter and airplane flights over the park and address aircraft noise. The plan is open for public review and comment through June 6, 2011.

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Appalachian Trail increases 1.9 miles for 2011

Preparing for an Appalachian Trail thru hike this spring? Be forewarned. You may want to pack an extra energy bar for that final push.

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Salazar Restores BLM Protections for Wild Lands

A new policy gives the U.S. Bureau of Land Management authority to designate appropriate areas with wilderness characteristics as "Wild Lands" and to manage them to protect their wilderness values. The order restores wilderness protections lost during the Bush administration.

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Take a haunted hike

So, you want to tell a spooky ghost story on your next hike and scare the gorp out of your friends? Or maybe you'd like to scare yourself, but don't know...

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Climber's Body Found 21 years later in Jasper Glacier

This news story caught my attention because the climber was from Maine, he was a fellow alum of my college, and Jasper National Park is one of my favorite...

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Junior Rangers: A new generation of national park protectors

The national park rangers' ranks are growing. The newest rangers may be smaller, but they're no less enthusiastic or passionate about the parks. They're the Junior Rangers of the National Park Service.

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16 climbers struck by lightning, rescued off Grand Teton; 1 dead

This is sad news from Grand Teton National Park. According to the Jackson Hole Daily, 16 climbers were rescued by Grand Teton National Park rangers on...

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Backcountry vs. Frontcountry: What's the difference? Where's the line?

Trailspace is "the backcountry gear guide." We have a Backcountry community forum devoted to human-powered backcountry activities.

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Hiking the Appalachian Mountain Range, Pangaea style

After hiking more than 2,000 miles over the Appalachian Mountains from George to Maine, AT thru-hikers may feel like they've walked the entire mountain...

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How to work in a National Park

Trailspace readers often talk about wanting to combine their outdoor passion with a complimentary career.

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Ranger Doug Follett: The Voice of Glacier

This Earth Day, consider the reflections of Ranger Doug Follett, who for 50 years has served as a seasonal interpretive ranger in Glacier National Park.

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Wheelchair-accessible paths on the Appalachian Trail

A look at four short wheelchair-accessible trails and another in the works along the Appalachian Trail.

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In praise of front-country trails

The trail I hiked today started behind an old woolen mill (which burned down in January) and ended 2.5 miles later alongside a penstock just beyond a...

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Tour ideas from the National Parks Conservation Association

National Parks Conservation Association organizes ParkScapes tours, which take the group's members to some of the most fascinating locales in the United States.

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Oh, Ranger: A quick guide to America's best parks

It's easy to find facts on your favorite parks online, but until recently it wasn't so easy to find them all at the same site.

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Researchers propose reintroducing wolves to national parks

Reintroducing wolves into national parks could help restore damaged ecosystems and bring ecological, educational, recreational, scientific, and economic benefits, say wildlife researchers.

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Mount Washington loses wind speed record

For nearly 62 years, Mount Washington held the world record for the fastest wind gust ever recorded on the surface of the Earth. According to the World Meteorological Organization, that record was toppled in 1996 in Australia with a record of 253 mph.

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Burns's "The National Parks" rerunning on PBS

If you missed it last fall, or just want to catch it again, Ken Burns's documentary The National Parks: America's Best Idea will re-air on PBS beginning...

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Long-distance trails for the rest of us

Guaranteed cure for dead-of-winter cabin fever: Planning a long hike! While it's fun to dream of glory on a six-month Triple Crowner, one of these lesser-known long trails might appeal to those of us who are a bit more, well, grounded.

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Haiti earthquake relief: how to help

Haitian survivors of Tuesday's quake number in the millions. How we can donate to help them.

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Want a first ascent? Head to India

Alpinists who pine for a major first ascent should head to India. Last month the Indian government opened up 104 peaks in the Eastern Korakaram region...

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This forest is my forest...

Recently I mentioned what a thoughtful, generous, health-conscious gift I gave my brother for the holidays in the form of stainless steel water bottles.

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