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Dress the part: Halloween photo contest.

The Author's "1970's Hiker" Costume.

It's Halloween night. Maybe you prepared with an elaborate costume, or, like me, you are now rummaging through your gear, debating whether dressing as a mountaineer is a legitimate costume.  Let us reassure you - dressing up in clothing designed for your favorite backcountry sport is perfectly acceptable.  In fact, Trailspace is encouraging you to dress up in your favorite "outdoorsy" costume and post a picture on Facebook.  The picture with the most "likes" by midnight tomorrow will win some sweet Trailspace goodies.



Love it !!! No "trick or treating" for me grrrr..... If I dress up and sit on my couch does that count? j/k :p

haha, I love the Sierra Cup detail :)

Today I went as a biker, does that count. Full leather regalia.  The funny thing was everybody though it was a great costume, really................... a costume.  Huh :-}>

I wish I got the back of the pack.  I had a Coleman lantern and a cast iron frying pan strapped on!

So far, it looks like I'm taking home the loot on this contest.  So, if you have some outdoorsy pics to share, you have until midnight eastern to submit on

Uggghhhh... nothing that fits the criteria for the contest.

That is JUST what I looked like in Seattle in the seventies...minus the facial hair! OH and just what I looked like in Seattle in the 90's too! (Again, no facial hair....)

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